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Taichi 42 Straight Sword Competition Form - Back View

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Taichi 42 Straight Sword Competition Form - Back View

Post by VietKiem on Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:16 am

Section 1
1.      Commencing form 
2.      Stand with feet together and point sword 
3. Bow stance and cut obliquely 
4. Lift knee and chop sword 
5. Left bow stance and parry sword 
6. Left empty stance and cut upward sword 
7. Right bow stance and cut upward with sword 
8. Lift knee and hold sword in both hands 
9. Heel kick and thrust sword 
10. Jump step and thrust sword 
11. Turn body and thrust down 
Section 2
12. Bow stance and cut horizontally 

13. Bow stance and tilt sword 
14. Rest stance and press sword 

15. Advance and circle with sword 
16. Lift knee and thrust sword 
17. Empty stance to intercept with sword 
18. Withdraw sword to both sides 
19. Bow stance and chop sword 
20. T-stance and hold sword 
21. Toes kick and point back 

Section 3
22. Crouch stance and thrust sword 
23. Help kick and block sword 
24. Lift knee and point down 
25. Crouch stance and sweep sword 
26. Bow stance and intercept on both sides 
27. Bow stance and thrust sword 
28. Wave sword on both sides 
29. Right bow stance and chop sword 
30. Raise leg backward and block 
31. T-stance and point sword 
32. Horse stance and push sword 
Section 4
33.  Stand on one leg and hold up sword 

34.  Advance to parry and point 
35.  Cross stance and tilt sword 
36.  Bow stance and back thrust sword 
37.  Turn body and thrust sword 
38.  Lift knee and sword 
39.  Walk and pierce sword 
40.  Wave leg and block sword 
41.  Bow stance and thrust sword 
42.  Closing form


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